Diagram Of Gastrocnemius

Diagram Of Gastrocnemius

Diagram Of Gastrocnemius


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angulation of muscle fibre fascicles within the medial gastrocnemius is shown in the longitudinal section diagram in Fig. 1 (see also Swett & Eldred, 1960, Fig. 2). Individual fascicles extend all the way from the aponeurosis of origin to that of insertion as in human gastrocnemius (Feinstein, Lindegard, Nyman&Wohlfart, 1955), andit is presumedthat

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Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscle Stretching Exercises Exercise Prescription for Gastrocnemius/Soleus Stretching: Sessions per day =_____ Gastrocnemius Stretch Figure 1. In the illustration above, the gastrocnemius muscle of the left leg is being stretched. To effectively stretch the gastroc-nemius muscle the following technique must be followed ...

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Gastrocnemius, which is the big . muscle at the back of the lower leg , and the Soleus muscle, which . is a smaller muscle lower down in th e leg and under the . Gastrocnemius. Either of these two muscles can be strained (torn). INJURY . A calf strain is caused by a tearing of part of the gastrocnemius or soleus

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Gastrocnemius muscle Sagittal foot mechanicsPlantar fascia Achilles tendon Gastrocnemius tightness Plantar fasciitis Ankle dorsiflexion stiffness KEY POINTS The exact role that gastrocnemius tightness has on the plantar fascia has been a topic of discussion for many years and remains incompletely understood.


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1. Identify the major muscles listed below on the models and diagram below. 2. Know their location and function (see pg 13). Human Muscular System Diagram Deltoid Trapezius Muscle Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Biceps Triceps Gluteus maximus Hamstrings Sartorius Calf Muscles • Gastrocnemius • Soleus Muscle Pectoralis major Abdominal Muscles

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Comparison of Stiffness of Soleus and Medial Gastrocnemius Muscles in Cats B. WALMSLEY AND u. PROSKE Department of Physiology, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia 3168 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS I. Tension changes were recorded during stretch of the contracting medial gastroc-


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When the calf muscle has it’s normal amount of flexibility, it allows the foot and ankle to function properly by sharing pressure throughout the foot as a whole with each step we take.

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muscle, lateral gastrocnemius tendon, anterolateral liga-ment, fabellofibular ligament, proximal tibiofibular liga-ments, and coronary ligament of the lateral meniscus.11,12 Neurovascular structures such as the common peroneal nerve and lateral inferior genicular artery are also impor-tant to evaluate during assessment and treatment of post-

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An overview of the anatomy of the bovine hindlimb with comparison to the dog. Darren Kelly Artwork by Paddy Lennon Original photos courtesy of Mary Ferguson Students at University College Dublin, School of Veterinary Medicine. Video clip by Dr. David Kilroy Tuesday 2 October 12. Tuesday 2 October 12. 1. Biceps Femoris 2. Fibular Nerve 3. Lateral Head of Gastrocnemius 4. Quadriceps Femoris 5 ...

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MUSCLES OF THE ANKLE AND FOOT. Posterior versus Anterior Plantar flexion Dorsi flexion. POSTERIOR MUSCLES Plantar flexion muscles Posterior muscles. Gastrocnemius • Origin: posterior surface of the two femur condyels • Insertion: posterior surface of the calcaneus via Achilles tendon • Actions: – plantar flexion of the foot – flexion of the knee • Stronger plantar flexion when ...

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